Ballet/Tap Combo

These classes are designed to offer the fundamentals of ballet and tap technique in a fun and friendly learning environment. The first half of the class will focus on tap and the second portion of the class will focus on ballet.

Monday 5pm
Tuesday 11:30am Thursday 4pm
Saturday 9:30a, 10:30am


A style of dance merging ballet and jazz.

Monday 7:00pm  
Friday 4p & 4p 


A genre of dance that merges several different styles, including modern, jazz and classical.

Tuesday 5:00p & 7:00pm
Friday 5:00p & 5:00pm


A form of dance that uses upbeat music with technique and stylized movements.

Monday 1p, 2p, 4p & 5pm
Wednesday 3:00pm
Friday 6:00pm


A dance form in which a rhythm variation is tapped out using tap shoes.

Monday 6:00pm
Tuesday 5:00p & 6:00pm Wednesday 6:00p & 7:00p 


Students will focus on building the strength and endurance needed to learn tumbling passes and acrobatic poses such as : cartwheels, wall overs, back handsprings, back tucks, chin stand, handstands, headstands.

Monday 4:00p & 5:00pm
Tuesday4:00p & 5:00pm Wednesday 4:00p & 5:00p Thursday 1p, 2p, 5p & 6pm
Friday 4:00p & 6:00pm

Holiday Show

Our Holiday Show is set for December 8th. Auditions for speaking roles will take place on August 25th 10:30A-12P. 
Please fill out and email an audition interest form prior to auditions. A $15 audition fee will apply. Various singing and acting roles will be available. The actors and singers cast will rehearse 9:30am-11:30am on Saturdays from September 8th- December 1st. During rehearsals, the cast will work with acting and signing coaches. Students will be required to learn and memorize blocking, stage cues, songs and speaking lines. 

Monday 12:00pm
Wednesday 9:30am
Friday 10:30am

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